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Remapping and "Chip tuning" as it is commonly known, is the art of modifying the standard ECU (Engine Control Unit) software, which is stored in the factory engine management system, otherwise known as the ECU or ECM (Engine Control Module). In order to increase the power-output of the engine, it is important to change the timing and amount of fuelling, ignition timing, and turbo boost on turbocharged engines. By adjusting these parameters, the engine will have the utmost efficient combustion required for power and economy. An increase in power output of about 30% can be achieved, combined with a smoke-free vehicle and improved fuel economy of about 5%.

What is involved?

Normally the original software in the ECM is read first and stored as a file. This file is then modified and then programmed back into the ECM, overwriting the original software. Only the parts of the software essential for improving the performance of the engine are altered. The software is read and programmed to and from the ECM via the OBDII diagnostics port, so there are no physical changes at all. Even if the ECM has to be removed from the car for access, it's normally a non-invasive process of reprogramming the engine computer, known as bench flashing. We do not alter any of the diagnostics systems, or the engine idle running, or any areas which would affect the MOT emissions. This makes our ECM upgrades 100% service compliant, and 100% UK emissions compliant.

Who writes HLM's software?

After many years of buying in software, Hamish now writes his own.  This meant he has attended training courses in Italy and heavily investing in tuning software equipment.

By using our dyno as part of the diagnostic check we can see if there are any issues with a car before we start the tuning process.  This ensures that you get the best out of an ecu upgrade and it also give you transparency so it is clear what power the came with and you can see what power the car has gained after the the upgrade.  This is a service that only a professional tuning shop can offer.  

With Volvo's, we use a reputable tuner in Sweden, this enables most of the Volvo's to be tuned via the ODB serial port rather than breaking open the ECUs (All non-Volvo specialist will be breaking open ECUs).   


Some makes of vehicles cannot be tuned by modifying the software on the ecu, in these circumstances the alternative is using a tuning box.

Why HLM?

  • Full diagnostics and checks before and after the ECM upgrade (Where possible)
  • Custom mapping for most cars done in house
  • Dyno runs before and after
  • Competitive pricing - tunes from £250
  • Loan cars available
  • For Volvo's ODB serial port programming

Who can be classified as a 'Tuner' or 'Remapper'

There is a very simple answer to this question - any garage who claims they are a 'Tuner or Remapper' can only be classed as one if they own or have access to a Dyno and write their own files.  Anyone buying in files and has no dyno facilities can only be considered as a re-flasher


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